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The battle of Edgehill, on Sunday 23rd October 1642, saw the army of the Earl of Essex, the parliamentarian Lord General, and the King’s army clash in the first major action of the Great Civil Wars. Although often viewed as an indecisive battle, the king actually gained an important advantage. Essex failed to break through and had to retreat northward to the security of the parliamentarian garrisons at Warwick and Coventry. This left the royalists in command of the road to London, and control of the capital was the key to the war.


Officer and drummer
Artillerymen and cannon


Educational Resources

Download the classroom activities, documents, illustrations and maps:

1. A narrative.docx
2. Personalities.docx
3. Meanwhile, elsewhere Edgehill.docx
4. Storyboard exercise.docx
5. Timeline.docx
6. Picture sources analysis.docx
7. Written sources analysis.docx
8. Maps exercise.docx
9. Terminology task.docx
10. Equipment labelling.doc
10a. Cavalry equipment.doc
10b. Pikeman equipment.doc
10c. Musketeer equipment.doc
11. Mystery object exercise.docx
12. Memorial stone exercise.docx
13. Who won-a card sorting exercise.docx
14. Key events exercise.docx
15. Royalist successes and failures analysis.docx
15a. Cards for above.docx
16. Poetry analysis.docx
17. Bulstrode's account analysis.docx
18. Documentary tasks.doc
19. Pictures of soldiers.pptx
20. Video clip activity.docx
21. Design your own memorial activity.doc
Educators' Guide.docx


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